• This? This is what you would call a bad ass motherf#cker. A person deeply committed to the #LGBTQ community and who, in their business @bodypositivebootcamp has created a welcoming and safe space for ALL bodies to exist. You often hear people touting #allbodiesaregoodbodies but Bee LIVES that! 
If you're in the DMV area you should look into Body Positive Bootcamp or share with a friend who would benefit from having a safe space to work out without some of the bullshit we know can come with it. 
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  • First things first, it's #pridemonth and I'm proud to say that my work is inclusive. This is Courtney + Sara who were my first 2018 couple and my first Jewish #wedding and it was such an amazing start to my season. 
I don't want to go off the rails but so often the photography we see on here is not nearly a reflection of the world we live in which is beautifully diverse. 
We should encourage others to push - to photograph faces and bodies that are different than our own, life is too short to not celebrate our likenesses AND our differences.

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  • These two. Just a small reminder to celebrate the people you love every day that you're here. 
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  • It's been almost a year since these two got married and I'm STILL not over these photos. #dcphotographer #weddingphotographer #love #newlyweds
  • Shout out to Cindy + Jason who got up at zero dark thirty for a #LincolnMemorial #engagementsession. Can't wait for their #wedding later this year! 
#dcphotographer #engagementphotos
  • First look feels (swipe!). I am one of those #photographers who has no strong feelings about when couples see one another for the first time on their #wedding day. But I DO love when the emotions get the best of my couples and I end up getting photos like these.
  • Today when I was looking for a photo to post - I had to make an effort to NOT post a black and white - apparently that's my jam, right now. This is George and Wendy - one of my 2017 couples. This #wedding was THE MOST FUN. Absolutely reflective of who they are as a couple and steeped in #love.
  • This is Dr. Julie and as beautiful as she obviously is, she's about 7 gajillion times smarter than that so - basically she's a genius. #dcphotographer #branding #headshots #girlboss

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