Brittany and Thomas got married on a chilly April day at her parent’s Maryland home. I hate to sound like a broken record (no I don’t, this is important!) but your wedding day should be exactly as you want it. There is space for weddings big and small, grand and modest. And in full sincerity – I have a affection for those and everything in-between. The goal is to be surrounded by the people you love and to be focused on one another. While this one day is absolutely important, we have to remember it is just one day in what we hope will be tens of thousands of days happily in love with the person standing next to you.

Sweet Brittany MADE HER DRESS – can you even? She did her mom’s makeup and then her own. She baked her cake and did the decorations. There was not one detail that she didn’t touch and it was just a really lovely and pure day. Do what you want and what you can and everything will be perfect.