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Crishan + Mariel | Washington, DC Engagement Session

If it were appropriate to write about this Washington, DC engagement session using only emojis I would probably have a mix of approximately 6 million fire and the heart eyes.

Crishan and Mariel’s engagement session was absolutely the stuff that dreams are made of. First of all – LOOK AT THEM! They are so beautiful! In addition to that, they’re absolutely two of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet which made working with them so, so amazing.

Fun fact: these two met while speed dating. Not on Tinder. Not on Bumble. Speed dating. And within 5 minutes of being with them, you’ll know exactly how perfect they are for one another.

I could absolutely post every other image from their session because they’re all so pretty but I think these give you a good idea of how fantastic their session was!




  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! 🎂🥰🎉🎊💃🏽 40 is great. I am content. Also - I would be remiss if I didn't stop and say a special thank you to @mas_tadesse for using my phone and taking photos - EVERYBODY needs a Mas. I'm looking forward to this next chapter of my life - let's do this!
  • This was the first wedding I shot in 2018 (after my first got canceled after I had a car accident 😬). Just taking a moment to think about what a whirlwind this year has been and how I am thankful for each and every second.
  • Love is love is love is love.
  • When you sneak out for a moment at your elopement dinner because your photographer's like just a fewwww more.
  • This is Danita and even though she's not smiling in this particular photo - she has THE MOST amazing smile. She is kind and warm and sweet and drove from Philly to be in front of my camera and I love her. 
This is a good time to tell you that you should get your photo taken. For linkedin, for your website, for tinder. Because I've seen the kind of photos you guys use on tinder and it's dark times 😂
  • Outdoor #headshots for the win, people. Together - we can find locations that are appropriate for your career and still interesting.
  • Babies are a freaking gift. I don't often get a chance to photograph then but good grief I love everything about them.
  • Over here editing photos of these stunning human beings that I love deeply #rva #chimborazo #bridals

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