Here’s a small secret I’m only sharing with you (yes, you!) – as many weddings as I’ve attended as a guest or while working – I don’t often cry. I smile and laugh a lot, but it’s rare that I get weepy. But, I will confess that I cried a bit during Mark and Rebekah’s Deerfield Gold Club wedding in Newark, DE.

There was a deeply spiritual element to their day and it just made my heart smile. The sweet way she kept his children’s Bible, the Bible verse engraved on his wedding band, their prayer together without seeing one another before the ceremony, the hymn they sang. Every part of their day was steeped in both love and God and it was really quite lovely to be a part of.

One of the cooler aspects of this job is getting to witness weddings across a broad spectrum – and all of them are special in their own right. I love being able to experience that kind of diversity, it is an incredible gift.