Hey! What’s UP? Hello.

Hi, I’m so glad that you found your way here! I’m Carletta (eh, not ee) and for as long as I can recall I’ve been the girl behind the camera. I’m a middle-child, married to an amazing man who I affectionately call The Ethiopian. Together, we live in Washington, DC with our cat Shiro (sure-oh) who we obsess over.


I am a certified smile-chaser and a lover of love. I love a posed moment but I think the candid ones are just as important and I never stop working to show you that.

My goal is make you feel comfortable in front of the camera so that you are the truest reflection of your self. smile easily and most importantly – have a good time when we’re together. Each and every one of my clients will tell you how hard I work to make sure these things happen.

Your body’s your body, your face is your face

This is my motto for EVERY one of my clients. Once you’re in front of my camera, the best thing I can tell you to do is just to BE.


Sequins + glitter (they’re my love language!), cupcakes, Grey’s Anatomy, breakfast for dinner, cats, thunderstorms, meeting new people, singing in the shower, VEEP, board games


Cucumbers, bugs, tailgaters

Any more questions or want to send me a love letter? You can do that over here.


  • Yes, sometimes we walk out into the middle of the street at dusk and do a thing.
  • Wendy and George wanted to share a few words before their #woodendsanctuary #wedding ceremony but not see one another. We couldn't find the blindfold, so we improvised. 
Wedding days require you to be flexible and creative. The day is a whirlwind and you'll blink and it's over. My goal is to bee the person who's there for you but you never really notice.
  • I am a certified smile chaser. I should actually put that on a t-shirt, tbh. Ask anyone who had been in front of my camera and they will tell you that I talk and joke a lot because I rent everyone (including myself!) to have a good time.
  • This boy. This girl. I just can't stop smiling at how happy and easy they were. Everything about their big day was the absolute sweetest and I can't wait to share more of it with you.
  • Professionally, 2018 has been outstanding for me. So many fantastic faces have found their way in front of my camera and as I just took a moment to stop before another triple header wedding weekend - I think to myself that I'm happy. 
Life is not perfect. Not even close. But it's better when we try to focus on the goodness and light. I KNOW that this can be an easier said than done thing - but my mama always said nothing beats a failure but a try :) These two stunning humans are Sophie + Quinn who #eloped here in DC in the midst of a new cross-country job change with guests from all over, including the UK. Also, Sophie's mom MADE her #bridalbouquet (and ALL of the other florals) and it was just a very sweet and intimate day.
  • This is Marques + Kelly and clearly you can tell from their #engagementphotos that they're just not that into each other 🤣
  • Me, reading the news lately. 
Terrible news side - please to be bringing all of your cute #children to me for fall #minisessions (info in bio!) so that you can actually send your #holiday cards on time :)
#dcchildrensphotographer #dcfamilyphotographer #peekaboo
  • This is Jeff and he does very important things with money.  Evergreen reminder that when we're doing a #portrait session for your business/career, it can be both professional AND reflect who you are as a person.  Although those sessions generally are more traditional #headshots - we definitely can and will mix things up for you.

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