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Hi, I’m so glad that you found your way here! I’m Carletta (eh, not ee) and for as long as I can recall I’ve been the girl behind the camera. I’m a middle-child, married to an amazing man who I affectionately call The Ethiopian. Together, we live in Washington, DC with our cat Shiro (sure-oh) who we obsess over.


I am a certified smile-chaser and a lover of love. I love a posed moment but I think the candid ones are just as important and I never stop working to show you that.

My goal is make you feel comfortable in front of the camera so that you are the truest reflection of your self. smile easily and most importantly – have a good time when we’re together. Each and every one of my clients will tell you how hard I work to make sure these things happen.

Your body’s your body, your face is your face

This is my motto for EVERY one of my clients. Once you’re in front of my camera, the best thing I can tell you to do is just to BE.


Sequins + glitter (they’re my love language!), cupcakes, Grey’s Anatomy, breakfast for dinner, cats, thunderstorms, meeting new people, singing in the shower, VEEP, board games


Cucumbers, bugs, tailgaters

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  • Here's a fun fact; my 100mm macro lens is the least used lens in my bag and generally we are at war BUT sometimes everything is perfect and you get this and it makes sense.
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  • My sessions come with a 100% guaranteed to make you laugh or your money back warranty!* *Not really but FUN is my middle name**
**My middle name is actually Nichole (yes, with that dumb h 😐) Seriously though - we will laugh at our session. I promise!
  • Throwback to the first time I worked with @valerie.demo and got to hang with the fellas. Guys? My job is pretty damn amazing!
  • I love when the ceremony is all said and done and that wave of relief washes over my couples. Then we get to go and have a little fun with your people and get the party started!
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  • Yeah, these are actually real human beings and I can't deal with it either! 
One of the most important things for me on a wedding day is just to guide a couple gently. Yes, I'll pose you - but I'll also step back and just let you be. 
The day is yours and those quiet, special moments are so important!
  • Because dudes look so good with bouquets, I'm just saying! Also - so much of #wedding photography focuses on the bride and the bridesmaids but my 2019 #groomsmen have been killing it and are all kinds of #squadgoals
  • Sometimes I can't even believe how beautiful my brides all are - Marissa was giving me all of the woodland fairy #bohobride feels and I loooved it!
  • These two are the stuff that dreams are made of! I seriously can not even wait for their upcoming #wedding - it's going to be major!

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