What is your style of photography?
I could probably go on and on about this but to keep it simple – my goal as a lifestyle photographer is to capture your moment in its purest form. The idea is that at the end of the day, you’ll be able to look back at your images and see a story unfurl in a pure and natural way – I want you to look like yourself but also have the photos reflect these amazing moments.

I recognize that being in front of the camera can be awkward for some people but my goal is always to help you relax, look your best and to have a good time.

What kind of equipment do you use?
Currently, I am a Canon shooter. Both of my cameras are digital although you may see me with a film camera from time to time. Both my cameras and lenses are of high quality and I always have backups. The equipment is very important and you should have faith that I will use every available tool to get you the best images possible.

Do you travel?
Happily! For sessions that are more than 30 miles from zip code 20019, the studio will assess a travel fee.

What about a destination wedding?
First of all, congratulations! Second, I’m there! For your destination wedding the rates are simply the negotiated cost of your event plus travel and accommodations.

Can I have the raw images?
Unfortunately, the answer to that is no.

How will I get my images?
Images will be delivered to you in a digital gallery. If you’d like to have them on a usb or CD/DVD – I’m more than happy to do that for you as well at a nominal cost.

Can I print photos/use them on social media?
All sessions come with a digital print release which grants you the right to print your photos. You are absolutely welcome to use photos on social media but I kindly ask that you give credit 🙂

How many images will I get?/When will I get to see them?
Most sessions, with the exception of weddings are returned within 14-21 days, sometimes(!) sooner. Because weddings often require a bit more work on my end due to the large number of images, return of those images are within the 6-8 week range.All sessions are different so the number of images you will receive varies from client to client.

Weddings will typically see somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-600 images although this greatly varies depending on the length of your wedding. Long story short? I’ve got you covered!

How do I book my session?
After we agree on a date, I will email you a contract to digitally sign. Once you’ve signed your contract, and paid your 50% deposit, your date is held and I am yours!

How do I pay for my session?
I currently accept checks, money orders, cash, credit cards (3% fee) and paypal. A 50% deposit is required for all sessions when you sign and return your contract. Until that has been received, I reserve the right to accept other work.


  • You know what you should do on your #wedding day? Whatever the hell you want! Don't want to wear a full suit? Don't. Don't want to wear white? Don't. Weddings are better when they are true to what YOU want as a couple. Do what sets your heart on fire and everything else will fall into place just as it did for the stunning Venera and her handsome, new husband, Dakota.
  • I'm at the point where I have SOv much work to share with you guys I don't even know where to start! So, I'm going to start with a photo of writer, poet, husband, father, all-around cool guy - @clintsmithiii - I loved SO MANY images from Clint's session - I might have to share them with you guys until forever, they were just that good.

One of the coolest things about my job is getting to meet brilliant people. Clint is that times a thousand. Do yourself a favor and check out his work. Go! Obviously, after you like this photo though :) #dcphotographer #headshots #headshotsdonthavetobeboring #poet #spokenword #dc
  • This? This is what you would call a bad ass motherf#cker. A person deeply committed to the #LGBTQ community and who, in their business @bodypositivebootcamp has created a welcoming and safe space for ALL bodies to exist. You often hear people touting #allbodiesaregoodbodies but Bee LIVES that! 
If you're in the DMV area you should look into Body Positive Bootcamp or share with a friend who would benefit from having a safe space to work out without some of the bullshit we know can come with it. 
#pridemonth #dcphotographer #headshots
  • First things first, it's #pridemonth and I'm proud to say that my work is inclusive. This is Courtney + Sara who were my first 2018 couple and my first Jewish #wedding and it was such an amazing start to my season. 
I don't want to go off the rails but so often the photography we see on here is not nearly a reflection of the world we live in which is beautifully diverse. 
We should encourage others to push - to photograph faces and bodies that are different than our own, life is too short to not celebrate our likenesses AND our differences.

#lgbtq #twobrides #loveislove
  • These two. Just a small reminder to celebrate the people you love every day that you're here. 
#dcphotographer #engagementphotos #love
  • It's been almost a year since these two got married and I'm STILL not over these photos. #dcphotographer #weddingphotographer #love #newlyweds
  • Shout out to Cindy + Jason who got up at zero dark thirty for a #LincolnMemorial #engagementsession. Can't wait for their #wedding later this year! 
#dcphotographer #engagementphotos
  • First look feels (swipe!). I am one of those #photographers who has no strong feelings about when couples see one another for the first time on their #wedding day. But I DO love when the emotions get the best of my couples and I end up getting photos like these.

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