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I often describe myself as a photography ninja – a description that is so incredibly important on your wedding day. The candid moments are important to me but so are the posed ones. On your day, I am your biggest advocate. My first, and most important goal is that get to enjoy your day and I will do my very best to help you do that.

On your big day I am a boutonniere-pinner, tie straightner, hair fixer, dress fluffer and a million other things. I am there for you. Ultimately, I want to capture images that make you look back on your day with affection but I also want us to have a good time.


  • I love this photo so much and I would like @sarakoz77 to immediately move back to DC, kthanx.
  • No, your eyes are not deceiving you - this is a ridiculously adorable and chunky baby in a bow tie.
  • Just a reminder that just because it's cold outside doesn't mean that we can't take photos. In home sessions can be relaxed, fun and cozy.
  • Probably never going to stop posting these photos of Andy + Alia.
  • Wedding days are really a roller coaster so I love and appreciate the moments my couples are loving and laughing as if I'm not even there.
  • I know this photo is black and white so you can't tell but the sun was just coming up this day and it was so, so good. More sunrise sessions in 2019.
  • Jennifer was THE smiliest bride and I love it.
  • Every step I walked (approximately one hundred gabillion) with these two lovebirds was 100% worth it.

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