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I often describe myself as a photography ninja – a description that is so incredibly important on your wedding day. The candid moments are important to me but so are the posed ones. On your day, I am your biggest advocate. My first, and most important goal is that get to enjoy your day and I will do my very best to help you do that.

On your big day I am a boutonniere-pinner, tie straightner, hair fixer, dress fluffer and a million other things. I am there for you. Ultimately, I want to capture images that make you look back on your day with affection but I also want us to have a good time.


  • Outdoor #headshots for the win, people. Together - we can find locations that are appropriate for your career and still interesting.
  • Babies are a freaking gift. I don't often get a chance to photograph then but good grief I love everything about them.
  • Over here editing photos of these stunning human beings that I love deeply #rva #chimborazo #bridals
  • Christina + Eva = Christeva. I could only describe their wedding day as spectacular. A love-filled party that I am so incredibly humbled to have been a witness to. 
#loveislove #queerwedding #twobrides
  • That laugh when you realize your person is about to ask you to marry them. 
I really can not say enough good things about Austin and Alexis' surprise engagement. So let's just say it was perfect and leave it at that.
  • Dear summer - I know I said I hated you but honestly? I miss you. Please come back. 
#elopement #elopementphotographer
  • One of the most entertaining things about my job is just letting kids be kids. Let's be honest - is a 2 year-old doing ANYTHING they don't want to do without a massive amount of vocal discontent? Spoiler alert: the answer is no. 
#dcfamilyphotographer #toddler #childrensphotography #whoruntheworldgirls #nationalportraitgallery #familyphotography
  • I have to give a shout out to Jeff and Kendra's daughter who was my veil tosser on their wedding day - she did a fantastic job. 
#janosikpark #marriage #shesaidyes #interracialcouple #interracialmarriage

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